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Energy Management for Depression and Anxiety

Get Certified as an Energy Healing Specialist Against Depression & Anxiety, their side-effects and comorbidities

Starting January 6, 2024

This certification comes in 3 levels

Associate Specialist


  • JustBE alive - rejuvenation program

  • JustBE free - self healing meditation

  • BEwell Science, Basic

  • 7 Cycles of Life, Basic

  • BEwell Science, Intermediate

  • 5 Laws of Manifestation and Abundance, Basic

  • 8 Types of Leaders Every Leader Should Know

  • Maximize Your Performance and Balance Your Life

  • How to deliver JustBE alive

  • How to deliver JustBE free

  • Marketing Principles

Depression & Anxiety Certification Program

  • Theory and Esoteric Principles/Info

  • Main Healing Science Protocol

  • Homework and Self-Study

Practicum (Total of 100 hours)

  • 5 Cases of Depression

  • 5 Cases of Anxiety

Certification Examination

  • Curriculum examination under administrative certification procedure


  • 1 month mentoring program under Master Del Pe and Senior Specialist

$ 4,253.67 / PHP 240,000.00

If you have taken some or all of the prerequisite seminars please contact us so we can deduct it from your total price.

Keyboard and Mouse

How can you join the WIID Online Certification Program?

1. Attend our

free online orientation

Join us on
Dec 8: 9 am GMT/5 pm PHT

Dec 17: 2 pm GMT/10 pm PHT

Dec 23: 1 pm GMT/9 pm PHT

to get a better understanding of each certification program and how to get started.

2. Submit your

application form

Complete the online application and submit your resume and picture.

3. Book your interview evaluation session

Once you submit your application, you will be able to book a meeting online with a WIID Certification Mentor to help you further understand your chosen specialization and guide you along your certification journey.

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