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International Group Tele-Healing
with Master Del Pe

Founder and Chief Healing Scientist

July 7, 2024

2 pm - 3:30 pm GMT

10 pm - 11:30 pm PHT

Join LIVE and access the recorded session for 30 days!

What is Tele-Healing?

International Tele-Healing, under the banner of the World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID), is a monthly 1.5 hour distant healing online program with Master Del Pe, a world-renowned Healing Master, and his team of international advanced healing specialists. This integrated approach to health and well-being is designed to help you and your loved ones achieve a more balanced Total Health Quotient; that is a more balanced sum of your physical health, energetic and vitality health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health. Each session includes bio-mechanical exercises, breathing techniques and an energy healing meditation guided by Master Del Pe to help you boost your vitality, calm your emotions, sharpen your mind and awaken the power of your soul. We help you overcome your life concerns by going beyond the symptomatic issues and addressing the root causes so that you can not only take care of your current problems, but also heal your past, transform your present and empower your future.

July 7

2 - 3:30pm GMT / 10pm - 11:30pm PHT

August 4

2 - 3:30pm GMT / 10pm - 11:30pm PHT

September 1

2 - 3:30pm GMT / 10pm - 11:30pm PHT

Oct 6

2 - 3:30pm GMT / 10pm - 11:30pm PHT

Nov 3

2 - 3:30pm GMT / 10pm - 11:30pm PHT

Dec 1

2 - 3:30pm GMT / 10pm - 11:30pm PHT

Upcoming TeleHealing Dates

Tele-Healing Monthly Sessions fall on the first Sunday of every month and are broadcasted live on Zoom at 3-4:30pm GMT / 10pm -11:30pm PHT.

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Tele-Healing Package Rates

1 session = $150 / PHP8400 
3 sessions = $350 / PHP19,600
6 sessions = $600 / PHP33,600
9 sessions = $750 / PHP42,000
12 sessions = $900 / PHP50,400

Tele-Healing Solutions Can Help Fast

Natural Power of Healing Energy

No Touch. Remotely Effective.

World-Class Specialists

Convenient. Delivered Online at the Comfort of Your Home.

Drug-Free and Holistic

Cost-Saving Package Deals

Proven Effectiveness

- R.P., South Africa

"Thank you for the many very powerful Tele-Healing sessions you have done for my family. It has created wonderful miracles in our lives."

In the future, we will see that good health will be treasured and considered a priceless gift equal to professional success. Good health will be a demonstration and barometer of spiritual maturity and a high culture.

- Master Del Pe

Founder, World Institute for Incurable Diseases

Join Tele-Healing to Heal...


In one session you will experience an energy boost, be revitalized and feel emotionally calm. The advantage of subscribing to a series of sessions is that you can manage depression, anxiety, burnout, sleep problems, migraines, high blood pressure, etc.

Meditation Class


Healing family relationships can change the interaction from conflict to harmony. Enroll your partner and loved ones for remarkable results that will transform your family dynamics. Enroll your personal and professional partners for a smoother sailing future.

Meditation Class

Career and Financial Issues

Master Del Pe and his team can also help you heal and unblock what is standing in the way of your next steps in your career or in your expanding business.

Business Meeting

Life's Challenges or Crises

Unblock your life’s obstacles, mishaps or misfortunes and get empowered to overcome sufferings or any struggles. Clean up any bad luck, resolve conflicts and triumph over challenging situations which can affect your life during certain times of the year.

Comforting Hands

What Our Clients Say


Before joining Tele-Healing, I suffered from unbearable anxiety, depression, insomnia and panic attacks. Master Del Pe saved my life when I attempted to commit suicide and was on a ventilator. He miraculously revived my lungs. After 5 years of joining Tele-Healing, I’m healthier, happier and I don’t suffer from panic attacks anymore. Thank you Master Del Pe for your love, guidance, pearls of wisdom, character modification and miraculous healing!

- R.M., South Africa

I fell down thrice recently. I injured my knee and was on crutches for a few days. This resulted in injuring my right shoulder which became inflamed and painful. As a dance teacher, I was unable to teach properly. After participating in just 2 sessions of Tele-Healing with Master Del Pe, the pain in my shoulder has significantly decreased from an 8/10 to a 3/10, based on a scale with 10 being the most painful. Thank you Master Del Pe and the WIID Team for your support on my path to recovery!

- L.A., USA

After my mother's death I faced various difficulties, especially grief, anxiety and fear. After just one session of Tele-Healing, I regained my confidence that my future would be harmonious and the weight of my mother’s death was finally lifted from my shoulders. I am grateful for Master Del Pe and the advanced world-class specialists of the World Institute for Incurable Diseases for their service!

- V.J., Italy

Every month I make sure to participate in the Tele-Healing. There is always a relevant message given during the session, which helps me make the necessary changes in my life. It maintains my spiritual health and is an opportunity to deal with any specific issue at hand related to my current situation and my goals at that time. My experience is that it is much easier for me to keep up my vitality, to stay focused, and to connect with my soul.

- M.K., Denmark

Tele-Healing with Master Del Pe healed our sexual and emotional issues in our marriage. Our relationship blossomed with care and affection again after years of neglecting our blockages and lack of positive communication. I am grateful to Master Del Pe and his team of advanced healers and seers for saving our marriage!

- Mr. N.D and Mrs A.D, India

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