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Energy Healing for Health Challenges and Their Side-Effects

What Is The HEAL-Plan?

HEAL-plan is created by Master Del Pe, Chief Healing Scientist of the World Institute of Incurable Diseases (WIID) to take care of the total well-being of the client covering the physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of their health. HEAL is the acronym for ‘Heal Every Aspect of Life’ resulting to total wellness. The methodology focuses on corrective techniques and preventive strategies by applying energy healing science plus an array of life coaching and life mentoring services.

Aspect of
Good Health is not only the absence of diseases but also the total wellbeing at the physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual life of the client.
How Does It Work?

For those who are not sick yet, the HEAL-plan is a preventive care approach for making sure that the plan, ‘heal the healthy’ will work and prove its worth. For those who are already sick or are suffering with chronic conditions, the HEAL-plan employs corrective measures and offers healing for the comorbidities or opportunistic diseases that come with the basic illnesses.

The client’s Total Wellbeing is the ultimate goal of the HEAL-plan with the client’s improved grade of TOTAL HEALTH QUOTIENT, a score that indicates how healthy the person is by grading his or her physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual health. For some who are relatively healthy, HEAL-plan has the ‘healing the healthy plan’ for longevity and healthy aging. For many who have mild to moderate stage of their disease, we have a fast track healing strategy to take care of their issues and accelerate their healing process. For clients with chronic conditions or life-threatening illnesses, HEAL-plan has a rescue package for their faster-than-normal recovery.  Very sick clients need a medium to long-term healing package, like for people with HIV/AIDS or auto-immune diseases.

Mild to moderate cases need about 18 sessions done in 1.5 months to 26 sessions done in 2.5 months.  Severe and chronic conditions especially life-threatening cases require up to 7 months of 49 healing sessions. (Plans range from a few days upto 7 months with anywhere from 9 to 49 sessions, based on the specialization required.) Every client is different, that is why the specialists are required to profile the client first to understand their real needs or priorities based on their request and medical diagnosis. Our specialists have been trained to read energetically other imbalances that might be missed by the medical diagnosis and the client. The HEAL-plan will also include the healing of these not easily diagnosable blockages and abnormalities in the client’s auric field, which are usually undetectable by medical doctors or psychological testing. There is an increasing number of diseases and disorders that are called non-medical responders, which are healable by the use of WIID’s energy healing science. 

The client or proxy patient will be interviewed, profiled and evaluated through the energy anatomy, called the Human Auras and Chakras (energy centers), and the HEAL-plan strategies and techniques are done with the client participating online. If the client is unable to participate in the session because the person is in the ICU or inaccessible, the healing can be done in absencia.

The clients has the extra benefit of doing healing sessions online at the comfort of their homes or office, and not to travel anymore to a clinic and get stressed through road traffic. The healing sessions can also make the busy people happy because the sessions online can be performed ‘on-the-go’ especially for emergency healing and crisis rescue.

The BEwell science, the healing modality created by Master Del Pe, works for all ages, any health condition and with or without faith. Healing can even be done at a distance or if the client is asleep or comatose in ICU. There is no need to talk to the person during the healing process, but the speed of healing is faster when the client participates during the exercise and meditations so that he or she feels responsible for his or her healthcare, and also learns new techniques of self-care to be self-sufficient someday. Unlike most alternative medicine or modern medicine themselves who do not focus enough on counseling and balanced-life strategies, HEAL-plan dedicates a substantial amount of time, through life mentoring, on character building and behavioral modification to induce a permanent positive change in the clients quality of life.

The Promise of WIID’s Unique Approach

The healing science modality has been designed by Master Del Pe to be a stand-alone methodology, but it can also complement modern medicine. Many patients who had COVID-19 were told to stay at home when they called the hospital and did not have a chance to get medical help. They were able to access our online healing services and had survived (regain their good health), while even improving their lifestyle after getting well. Even in the post-pandemic era, our WIID services will be well sought after because people may be hesitant to go to the hospital because of the fear of getting infected by any virus, and so they may prefer the WIID’s healing science because it is natural, safe, immediately available on-the-go and can service clients online even while they are in bed or their office, whether they are urban, suburban or rural. It is an immediate service delivered to the client of any age, nationality, religion, political affinity or disease condition. Even incurable diseases are included in our HEAL-plan.

What our clients have to say
5 Levels of Health

Very rarely does any doctor, insurance company, hospital, psychological clinic or health consultant service the Total Wellbeing of a patient and asses their Total Health Quotient (THQ). There is no umbrella of a grading system to evaluate the Total Wellbeing and quality of life in all areas of the person’s life. Master Del Pe, for over 2 decades, has been teaching his specialists and life-coaches the fundamentals of charting the 5 areas of life and checking how balanced or imbalanced the client’s life is.  He also created a scoring method to grade a client’s overall health by involving the concept of the 5 levels of health: physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual. Thus, he differentiates physical health from vitality health, emotional health from mental health. Spiritual health is an add-on to measure how much a person has grown in his or her meaningful pursuit of enlightenment and inner growth.

Total Health Quotient.png
No Distance is Too Far

Whether you are asleep, comatose or mountain climbing on Mt. Everest, HEAL-plan can reach you through the WIID distant healing technique and remote healing program. It is like the omnipresence of the cellular signals today but even beyond 5G capability. Healing energy can be sent anywhere to anyone inside the Earth, without barriers and borders. The healing energy works within the law of omnipresence of the universal life force. Vitality, psychological vibrations and divine light can be projected at any distance inside the earth. The law of healing works under the law of energy connectedness and universal energy continuum.

beautiful home.png
Delivered at the Comfort of Your Home

The best benefit and higher value for money in favor of the client’s convenience is the accessibility of our team of international healing experts, including WIID’s chief scientist and specialist, Master Del Pe. Online healing sessions can be scheduled at the client’s chosen appropriate time, effortlessly, without leaving the comfort of their home or office, which is a relief compared to the hours of waiting in a medical center’s reception where one has the possibility to get contaminated by other diseases such as COVID-19.

There is no need to travel even for a few minutes of medical attention and check-up. Anyway, one can order medications online nowadays and have them delivered to one’s home. Master Del Pe started this online healing services via telephone since 1993 in New York City and now, the Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and other online platforms are the HEAL-plan best tools to meet clients with ease. Clients can even call us for any real emergency and we service them right away, such as energetically supporting the birthing experience of new moms or facilitating dying patients in hospice to depart in peace and with dignity, followed by healing service for the family survivors who suffer from bereavement and grief. Many families of clients who suffered fatalities from accidents also use WIID for urgent care under our Critical Care and Crises Rescue plans. With the HEAL-plan and the available team of international healing specialists, no distance is too far to service our clients globally. No time delays. No waiting in long queues.

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Distant Group Healing to Clients Internationally

Clients who want to have a first-hand experience under one-session commitment with Master Del Pe just to try the healing modality and life mentoring session can attend his Tele-Healing program which has been offered every month for 17 years. Since 2003, he had successfully serviced many sick people internationally through this group healing online broadcast. Master Del and the WIID Team of advanced specialists perform their distant healing evaluation of the human energy field, called the human aura of the client, and analyze the in-take forms sent by the client, which mentions their health issues including the medical diagnosis. Master Del Pe guides participants with vitality boosting bio-mechanical exercises and powerful breathing techniques to boost their vitality, calm their emotions and sharpen their mind. This is followed by a healing meditation that allows clients to heal their past, transform their present, empower their future and awaken the power of their soul.

Energy Healing for Health Challenges & their Side-effects

The client’s health conditions usually have a main disease but there are other side effects or risk factors that come with those ailments whether they are benign tumors or cancer. The stress and worry that comes with the diagnosis experience alone brings other consequences such as the weakening of the immune system. Medical interventions like chemotherapy for cancer result in many negative side-effects. Many medications are aimed to cure the symptoms of diseases, but in many cases the patient ends up with more complications and suffers the negative side effects of the pills. WIID HEAL-plan does help heal these side effects and radical reactions safely while addressing the main health concern. Healing the side-effects of medical intervention for cancer is one of our unique specializations, aside from dealing with the cancer itself. Diabetes is an incurable disease with its myriads of side effects even though its symptoms are treatable by insulin support. The HEAL-plan supports the client in preventing the negative outcomes of diabetes from becoming worse and reversing the metabolic problem.  HIV/AIDS in advanced stage of infection has many opportunistic diseases caused by the compromised immune system so the HEAL-plan does support the fight against HIV/AIDS and its accompanying complications while mentoring the clients to improve their quality of life and live their life daily with acceptance and a fighting spirit.

The HEAL-plan launched 57 healing specializations on June, 2020 with distant healing services and life mentoring sessions all done online with team of international experts and Master Del Pe, the architect of the BEwell Science modality. Before this official launch, the healing services were done on a personal healing platform with a week-by-week plan.  Now, the upgrade of the services will offer the best combination of experts and the investment of the client can go a long way with the pre-designed healing plan according to the severity of the disease.  These specializations always include healing the stress, fatigue and trauma that come with the different diseases then the team of specialists focus on combating the causes of the illness, their footprints of consequence and their risk factors.




  • COVID-19 Rescue

  • COVID-19 Co-morbidity

  • HIV/AIDS Rescue

  • HIV/AIDS Opportunistic Diseases

  • Auto-Immune Diseases

  • Side Effects of Diabetes

  • Cancer

  • Side Effects of Cancer Treatment and Surgery

  • Cardiovascular diseases

  • Stroke and Its Side Effects

  • Paralysis

  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD)

  • Lower Respiratory Diseases

  • Chronic Fatigue

  • Burnout and Total Breakdown

  • Gastrointestinal Issues

  • Musculoskeletal Concerns

  • Pain Management

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Old Age Dysfunctions


  • Smoking and Its Side Effects

  • Healthy Smoker's Program

  • Alcoholism and Its Side Effects

  • Drugs, Other Substances & Side Effects

  • Vices and Side Effects


  • Emotional and Mental Health

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Grief and Bereavement Management

  • Anger Management

  • Relationship Crisis

  • Psycho-Spiritual and Paranormal Crises

  • Karma Neutralization Plan

  • Dark Night of the Soul


  • Longevity

  • Will Power Development


  • Women's Reproductive Issues, Perimenopause and Hormonal Imbalances

  • Fertility to Birthing Challenges

  • Men's Health 

  • Troubled Youth and Children

  • Sexual Healing and Alchemy

  • Advanced Child Conception

  • Advanced Child's Parents Mentoring

  • 7 Cycles Charting and Consultation for Adults

  • 7 Cycles Charting and Consultation for Youth


  • Critical Care (ICU, Hospital and LAD)
  • Crisis Rescue

  • Baby Rescue (Neonatal, Premature Baby Rescue, Critical Newborn or Toddler concerns)

  • Business Crisis and Financial Rescue

  • 7 Cycles Charting and Consultation for Organizations

Healing the Healthy

One of the key and unique feature of HEAL-plan is the ‘longevity and healthy aging healing program’ which brings a new health paradigm, healing the healthy. Master Del Pe prefers to apply an ounce of prevention through his healing science rather than a ton of cure and medications after diseases take over the person’s body, emotions and mind. Based on his book, ‘Higher Science of Longevity’, WIID specialists employ principles and techniques to not only reverse aging but also to help extend the lifespan of their clients, by applying the wisdom of the 4 Asian Masters with whom Master Del Pe had studied. The secrets and life-patterns of the supercentenarians that Master Del Pe had reserached and healed from Vilcabamba, Ecuador and Ogimi, Japan are also included in the healing and mentoring strategies. The best value of investment in the HEAL-plan supersedes many age reversal and healthy aging programs due to the unique advantage of accessing both the best of eastern wisdom and western science in one platform. Healing the healthy will become the ‘new best normal’ for humanity’s healthcare.

International Teams of Specialists are Here for You

Health care with an all-round use of internet platforms with effortless specialist-to-client interaction has made the HEAL-plan as the best way to go. The real good news is that healing is done remotely and can  reach clients even when they are in the farthest corner of the earth serviced with our distant healing strategy by our team of international specialists and Master Del Pe.

While you can only access a few doctors per hospital at the domestic front, the online healing services can connect you with a wider array of healing experts from around the world, without driving to the clinic, hospital or flying out to a medical destination. HEAL-plan services clients with the most powerful healers, equipped with the best minds and opened hearts. The HEAL-plan employs a new breed of highly inspired world-class talents ready to do authentic service.

The overheads of conventional healthcare services are too high; thus they raise the cost of the client’s healthcare and treatment. 

asian couple.jpg
No Hidden Premiums or Fees

Whatever you see in the HEAL-plan, including the exact investment fees and timelines are taken on both face and intrinsic values. There are no hidden costs or covertly maneuvered fine prints in the contract.  In an emergency, we don’t add premiums or additional charges. WIID services everyone with respect and dignity and delivers the services as if the person is the only one client we have. No hidden fees. Investments are high value for every buck invested.

A Wholesome Path...

WIID has a very high client retention rate at almost 95 percent. Clients choose to stay with us and keep on subscribing to our services in many forms, such as attending seminars or purchasing Master Del Pe’s books and e-recordings after getting well. Some of our clients also like regularly subscribe to Master Del Pe’s international Tele-talks.

Several clients eventually crossed over to become healing specialists and WIID trainers after they were totally healed and transformed. This is the real miracle of the HEAL-plan. It brings a total paradigm shift in the client’s lifestyle and can even empower them to transform from a sick person to a healer and life coach after they regain back their health. Healing others become their inner calling.

No Age Limits

Most health insurance companies will run away from very sick, old patients especially if they are suffering from severe chronic diseases or non-medical-responding types of ailments. WIID HEAL-plan accepts clients of all ages and conditions, even the dying ones, because we serve the clients according to the higher value standard of care. What the client gets is what is requested and agreed upon during the closing of the agreement. Therefore, the value for each investment is exact as it follows the mandate of the client along with the corresponding best practices and number of sessions need for the client’s health concern. Thus, even the elderly with a basket of problems are helped with justice and fairness. No age limit.

Parents with conception abnormalities or fertility issues can also include their children in the conception stage under the HEAL-plan’s ‘Pre-natal to birth’ specialization. We also have a fertility healing plan for parents who are unable to conceive, even after trying medical in-vitro solutions. From conception to dying with dignity and grief management services, we are open to service all. That is how powerful and complete the HEAL-plan is under the umbrella of WIID and Master Del Pe’s design.

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Word of mouth has always been our best source for enrollment in our healing services, online seminars, international events and retreats at the MDP Village, our world center. WIID aims to expand its reach to as many people who are in need globally. If you have not decided to enroll in any of our programs and services including the HEAL-plan, please feel free to contact our office for a free 20-minute discovery session/consultation and profiling of what we can do together for your next steps.

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