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Our Founder and Chief Healing Specialist

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Master Del Pe
Founder and Chief Healing Scientist

Master Del Pe is a Modern Sage, World-Expert in Energy Healing and the author of 12 books. He founded the World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID) based on his 29+ years of experience and miracles with energy work, healing, life-coaching and mentoring centered around incurable diseases and non-medical responders in his travels to over 100 countries. Harmonizing the best of western practicality and eastern wisdom, Master Del Pe will share the secrets of longevity of many supercentenarians and one of his mentors, an immortal yogi from the Himalayas. He will teach us how to upgrade the 5 levels of our health through practical techniques, while also revealing the unknown parts of the human energy anatomy. His mission in life is to empower people to ‘master life ahead of its time’.

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