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Advanced-Children Program

Breakthrough strategies to conceive and raise advanced souls

In this program, you will:

  1. Clear any karmic impediments from the past and facilitate a smooth and pleasant pregnancy journey.

  2. Get a team of healing specialists to keep unwarranted symptoms at bay and stay out of trouble during pregnancy, especially from miscarriage or fetal defects through genetic cleansing.

  3. Equip yourself with practical techniques to boost your vitality, calm your emotions and sharpen your mind.

  4. Learn about your subtle energy and inner consciousness during pregnancy and childbirth.

  5. Balance your energy and advance your consciousness through simple, step-by-step healing and meditation rituals.

  6. Receive personalized mentoring to achieve a higher degree of enlightenment before conception through a systematic curriculum, internationally proven through the wisdom and experience of Master Del Pe.

  7. Learn how to shield yourself from environmental contaminations, negative people, adversarial events or possible mishaps that can during pregnancy and childbirth.

  8. Discover the sacred prayers and affirmations to activate your connection with the Divine Mother or Divine Feminine Energy.

  9. Achieve a holistic, spiritual alignment with the baby.

  10. Learn how to invoke the good karma equity and entitlement from Divine Sponsors to bring the best out of your parenting journey.

  11. Chart the 21 most important spiritual events in the 1st year of a baby’s life.

  12. Plan your strategy and milestones for parenting an Advanced Soul from conception to adulthood.

  13. Learn healing strategies to prevent baby-blues, post-partum depression or post-partum psychosis.

  14. Work with a team of mentors, healers and specialists that will hand-hold you on your pregnancy journey, applying the curriculum designed by Modern Sage, Master Del Pe.

"A Human Being is a Spirit using a Soul to express itself in the evolutionary process through the cycles of the personality incarnations."

Heal, Balance, Align, Awaken, Nurture

100 Hours Program

Concption preparation

Phase 1: 3 sessions per week for 2 months

Phase 2: 1 session per week for 1 month

Phase 3: 3 sessions per month for 1 month

Phase 4: 1 session per month for 2 months

Conception Until Birthing

Phase 1: 3 sessions per week for 2 weeks

Phase 2: 1 session per week for 31 weeks

Phase 3: 3 sessions per week for 2 weeks

Advanced Child Mentoring Sessions

Phase 1: 21 sessions for 1 year

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