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Anti-COVID-19 Kit

This kit...


(For Depression, Anxiety, Burnout, Sleep Problems)

This kit helps fight against depression, anxiety, burnout and sleep problems applying energy management solutions, healing science, martial arts techniques and mental programming strategies.

Healthy Smoker's Kit

This kit helps smokers to stay healthy. It boosts their vitality and will-power, works against the side effects of smoking and also improves their quality of life.

HIV/AIDS Survival Kit

This kit focuses on improving the defense against HIV/AIDS symptoms and speeding up recovery from opportunistic diseases that can come with AIDS. The techniques used here emphasize the development of will-power and stamina, mental empowerment, emotional healing and lifestyle modification.

BEinshape Kit

This kit combines the tools of Energy Medicine with practical strategies to address your 5 levels of health - physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual. It also includes life tools such as Martial Arts-Yoga Science, meditation, exercises, breathing and rejuvenation techniques.

Healthy Diabetic Kit

This guiding kit will help all diabetics - type 1, type 2 and gestational. The tools and techniques here ontain the best practices to minimize the side effects of this disease and improve quality of life.

Dark Night of the Soul Kit

This kit ...


Celebrate Good Health and Vitality

May 10, 2020 (2-3:30pm GMT, 10-11:30pm PHT)

Get a boost of vitality and confidence at our online Tele-Healing with Master Del Pe and his team of Advanced Healers! Gift your loved ones a session and transform their lives!

  1. Protect yourself from COVID-19 and its risk factors

  2. Boost your immune system

  3. Bless your family and home from the side-effects of this pandemic

  4. Increase your will-power

  5. Overcome, depression, anxiety, burnout and sleep problems

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