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Jan 10 & Jan 17  |  12pm to 5pm GMT / 8pm to 1am Philippine Time



It is a great pleasure to invite you to join the online WIID HEAL Convention organized by the World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID). The theme of the convention is ‘Reinventing Health Care through the Healing Sciences’. We will focus on the much-needed rescue of the health care system and inadequate medical services by the alternative, complementary, integrative, and holistic medicine approaches to promote complete wellbeing in humanity, despite the pandemic crisis or global economic meltdown.

This one-of-kind forum will bring the foremost exoteric healthcare, healing sciences, energy medicine, esoteric knowledge and spiritual psychology under one platform aiming to provide long-term solutions for human afflictions, while exposing the potential seeds of failure of our current health care delivery.

Let’s not be victims of the inadequacies of present-day healthcare during these peri-pandemic times. Let’s get together and share the latest knowledge and wisdom on how we can reinvent our ways of managing our health and the health of our loved ones.

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Key Speaker


Group of Experts

An international group of experts will present their views on how to augment the present medical health care with the healing sciences and online wisdom-based mentoring services. They will also suggest how the new solutions can minimize the gaps in the pharmacological and symptomatology-based approaches, especially during these failing times. Current and future trends in global healthcare as well as breakthrough solutions for managing our own well-being, will be discussed during the WIID HEAL Convention.

Newer and Natural

Approaches to Health Care

  1. How can one combine allopathic and alternative medicine effectively, without suffering negative side-effects?

  2. What are the overrated declarations and claims that one must be aware of in the realm of alternative & complementary medicine?

  3. What are the hidden dangers of meditation and yoga that one must know so that one doesn’t get hurt by their wrong applications for different diseases?

  4. How can one choose the right healing modality and healer for specific health problems?

These questions and more will be answered by World-class specialists, health practitioners, healing experts and spiritual scholars. Take away esoterically classified information and practical healing techniques for your daily-use to boost your complete wellbeing.

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Get Reinvigorated

Get reinvigorated with our experiential techniques of healing your past, transforming your present and energizing your future. Get ignited to take charge of your total-wellbeing so you can lead others including your family, co-workers and clients in the relentless pursuit to live a happier and healthier life so that you can enjoy harvesting the fruits of your life.

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Included in your pass:

  • Live Access to Day 1 & Day 2 of the WIID HEAL Convention

  • Bonus gift of eBook Higher Science of Longevity by Master Del Pe

  • Bonus gift of a Self-Healing Meditation, JustBE free, by Master Del Pe.

  • Post-convention Invitation for Networking & Discussions at WIID Conscious Conversations (3 meetings).

  • Private access to recordings of all the above for 1 month.


Sponsor & Donate

Sponsorships, Donations and Admission Fees will be dedicated to fund a project of certifying and training healing specialists and trainers for:

  • COVID-19 and Its Side Effects

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Burnout and Sleep Issues


The WIID HEAL Convention committee strongly believes in preventive and corrective health care solutions through holistic approach for the consequences of the pandemic like those health issues mentioned above. The WIID HEAL Convention team appreciates your contributions.

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Founded by Master Del Pe, a pioneer in the modern Energy Medicine and no-touch healing science, the WIID HEAL Convention’s aim is to bring the best minds and world experts together to have a conscious conversation and discuss the upcoming trends, applying a new approach to healing incurable diseases and non-medical responders such as our current pandemic. Master Del Pe uses the acronym HEAL, Heal Every Aspect of Life, in the new RHC Paradigm of reinventing health care during this failing time.

The WIID HEAL Convention will shed light on the secrets and hidden processes used by healing sciences and holistic medicine strategies. Panelists will demystify the energy and power behind natural remedies, energy medicine and their respective healing methods. The convention will help unfold the energy anatomy of health and diseases including the reasons behind why diseases become incurable.



Speakers will not only share their expertise and knowledge but also go deeper into the practical aspects and applications of their topic. The balance between healing theory and actionable techniques to solve diseases will offer more significant takeaways for the participants. Speakers will also bring clarity to all the delegates about how to get the best results out of various alternative or complementary medicine approaches. It will also enlighten delegates about which healing modality or natural products are best suited for their diseases. The delegates will be able to decipher which methods are better for preventive versus corrective measures for specific health challenges.

TRACK #1: Jan 10, 8:05 pm to 9 pm PHT (GMT +8)

Our Journey: Heal Your Past, Transform Your Present, Empower Your Future

Experience an actual healing of your past, transformation of your present and energizing of your future endeavors guided by Master Del Pe, a world-class healing expert and modern sage. He will include custom-made breathing techniques and self-healing methods addressing the issues of the past and end the ritual by empowering the highest aspirations of your future. Unblocking life’s issues and spiritual detoxification will be part of the experience. Master Del Pe will empower the participants by opening their heart and awakening their higher consciousness.

TRACK #2: Jan 10, 9 pm to 10:10 pm PHT (GMT+8)

The Healthcare System Story and The New Worst Normal

Unravel the historical genesis of our current health care system and its journey from good intentions to current materialistic goals. The speakers will bring into question whether the healthcare system truly caters to wholesome wellbeing or shortchanges and disappoints humanity. The panel also will reveal the blind spots of modern medicine, scientists and health infrastructures which have subjected us to the limitations and failures of the global healthcare system. The speakers will share facts and trivia about the bigger picture behind the commercialization of health care and answer the question whether or not it is truly doomed to fail.

TRACK #3: Jan 10, 10:10 pm to 11:15 pm PHT (GMT +8)

Health Care Alternatives and Natural Remedies, Part 1

The panelists will talk about different healing modalities and types of alternative medicine, as well as describe their applications towards managing diseases. The strengths and limitations of the different modalities will be exposed to bring a balanced point of view about how they function in helping patients. We will open-mindedly explore situations in which the different modalities are most relevant, whether they have certain limitations and how they should be applied/practiced for best outcomes. Covering a wide array, this topic will be presented on both days on the convention.

TRACK #4: Jan 10, 11:50 pm to 12:55 am PHT (GMT +8)

Hidden Laws of Health and Longevity

Master Del Pe, author of the book Higher Science of Longevity, will talk about the known and unknown laws of living longer. He will spell out the secrets behind why many supercentenarians live over 110 years of age, without much formal education or modern medical intervention. The presentation will include the karmic, dharmic and spiritual triggers of longevity and good life. Master Del Pe will summarize the common factors that are shared by the long-living humans and how you can apply these secrets to extend your life span.

TRACK #5: Jan 17, 8:07 pm to 9:12 pm PHT (GMT+8)

Esoteric Philosophy Behind Incurable Diseases and Death

The presentation will focus on the hidden teachings and esoteric analysis behind incurable diseases and why these ailments are beyond the skill set of modern medical science. The uncommon knowledge about death, dying and what happens after death will be disclosed. The talk will reveal the 3 main milestones and processes undertaken when people die. Learn how to release the fear of dying or fear of the afterlife. This is a serious topic that any person on the healing and spiritual path must study to understand the journey of the soul and incarnation.

TRACK #6: Jan 17, 9:12 pm to 10:52 pm PHT (GMT+8)

Health Care Alternatives and Natural Remedies, Part 2

The panelists will talk about different healing modalities and types of alternative medicine, as well as describe their applications towards managing diseases. The strengths and limitations of the different modalities will be exposed to bring a balanced point of view about how they function in helping patients. We will open-mindedly explore situations in which the different modalities are most relevant, whether they have certain limitations and how they should be applied/practiced for best outcomes. Covering a wide array, this topic will be presented on both days on the convention.

TRACK #7: Jan 17, 10:52 pm to 11:57 pm PHT (GMT+8)

Reinventing Health Care: The HEAL Plan (Heal Every Aspect of Life)

The ongoing pandemic challenges and the failure of the modern health care will awaken many advanced humans and enlightened leaders to will push forward other alternative ways to heal, not just cure sick people. In this track, speakers will talk about total wellbeing as a basic societal need, above and beyond the absence of diseases. Healing Every Aspect of Life will be the next best normal after the new worst normal of pharma-health will exhaust its potential. Speakers will also advocate for the best energy medicine and holistic medicine with life mentoring service as the better standard in self-care. They will reveal the tactical and strategic aspects of healing incurable diseases and health challenges that do not respond to conventional medicine. How can this be done? Is it possible to heal your own challenges in the 5 levels of health? Let's hear about some pioneering solutions from the experts about the new terrain of healing science and energy medicine across WIID's 57+ specializations. The complete holistic medicine and integrative medicine will emerge from the combination of modern 'western' medicine and 'eastern' healing approaches. 

TRACK #8: Jan 17, 11:57 pm to 1:01 am PHT (GMT+8)

Modern Self-Care: What To Do Next?

How can allopathic western medicine be combined effectively with Eastern wisdom principles and healing science to bring the best modern health care system? When can this happen? How can it happen? What are the impediments that are expected to block this health care disruption? What are the best healing practices that can be done weekly for self-care and to nurture oneself to live not only a long life, but also a more meaningful life with our highest human potential? How do we repurpose our life in order to live our greatest life? These are the topics which will be included in the last keynote presentation of the WIID HEAL Convention.




Day 1: January 10, 2021

*Times given in Philippine Time Zone (GMT+8)

8:00 pm - 8:05 pm

Welcome and Declaration of Opening the WIID HEAL Convention

8:05 pm - 9:00 pm

Track #1: Our Journey: Healing the Past, Transforming the Present and Empowering the Future

9:00 pm - 10:10 pm

Track #2: The Healthcare System Story: The New Worst Normal

10:10 pm - 11:50 pm

Track #3: Healthcare Alternatives and Natural Remedies, Part 1

11:50 pm - 12:55 am

Track #4: Hidden Laws of Health and Longevity

12:55 am - 1:00 am

Closing of Day 1

Day 2: January 17, 2021

*Times given in Philippine Time Zone (GMT+8)

8:00 pm - 8:07 pm

Welcome and Opening the WIID HEAL Convention Day 2

8:07 pm - 9:12 pm

Track #5: Esoteric Philosophy Behind Incurable Diseases and Death

9:12 pm - 10:52 pm

Track #6: Healthcare Alternatives and Natural Remedies, Part 2

10:52 pm - 11:57 pm

Track #7: Reinventing Healthcare - The HEAL Plan

11:57 pm - 1:01 am

Track #8: Modern Self-Care - What to do next?

1:01 am - 1:02 am

Closing of the WIID HEAL Convention



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Master Del Pe Mountain View.jpg

Master Del Pe

Founder and Chief Healing Scientist

World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID)


Rega Stellar

World-class Seer and

Third Eye Specialist Director

BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness 

Moni Platt.JPG

Moni Platt

Senior Specialist and Trainer

World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID)

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Sunee Kay

Philanthropist and Social Transformer
Senior Trainer

BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness

Angelica Umali.jpg

Angel Umali

Strategic Advisor

HEAL (Heal Every Aspect of Life) Plan 


Dr. Shekar Annambhotla


Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America, Inc. (AAPNA)

Gradient Strip

Dr. Toni Francis

Senior Trainer and Specialist 

Program Leader of BEclean Project

Dr. Bellosillo.jpeg

Dr. Juan Paolo Bellosillo

International Fellow of Integrative Medicine, International Diplomate of Whole Medical Systems, Diplomate Naturopathy and Energy Medicine

Claudias 6.jpg

Olivia Veloso

Reiki Master, Author,

Intuitive Reader and Life Coach

Gradient Strip

Jeffrey Vincent Noble

Founder and CEO,

The Noble Touch

NLP Practitioner and Master


Skylar Acamesis

Energy Master, ThetaHealing®Teacher

Hypnotist, Author and Nutritionist

WhatsApp Image 2020-12-31 at 2.05.25 PM.

Dr. Lady Ruvi

Biological Homeopathic

Medical Corp.-Pasay Branch 



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