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 What Our Clients Say 



Une femme de 62 ans de Manille, aux Philippines, a remporté sa victoire contre COVID-19 lorsqu'elle est sortie des soins intensifs. Les résultats lui ont annoncés qu’elle n’avait plus le COVID-19. Ayant eu de multiples complications dont un accident cardio-vasculaire, des troubles de l'élocution et une paralysie du bras et de la jambe droits, elle a non seulement vaincu le virus en seulement 10 séances de guérison énergétique, elle a aussi pu récupérer pleinement sa voix et de récupérer ses mouvements en 3 sessions supplémentaires avec Master Del Pe et deux spécialistes de l’IMMI.

Un homme de 36 ans originaire d'Allemagne a triomphé de ses lourds symptômes du COVID-19 après avoir vécu dans l'isolement, et sans aucune intervention médicale ni médicaments. Après le succès de sa récupération rapide, il a déclaré avoir vaincu ses nombreux et lourd symptômes: problème respiratoire, sensations de pression au niveau du thorax, problèmes digestifs, fièvre, épuisement, perte d'odorat et perte de goût, et cela uniquement grâce à la télé-guérison de l’IMMI, menée par Master Del Pe et son équipe senior, au cours d’une dizaine de sessions.

Une femme de 40 ans de Barcelone, en Espagne, a connu une belle récupération et a guéri de ses symptômes du COVID-19, alors qu'elle était en situation d’isolement. Elle a pu surmonter ses problèmes respiratoires, douleurs thoraciques et corporelles, diarrhée, une perte d'odeur (anosmie) et perte de goût sans aucune intervention médicale grâce à 10 séances de télé-guérison de l’IMMI menées par Master Del Pe et son équipe. Ce résultat sans égale a été transformateur pour elle. Elle a enfin pu se libérer de ses angoisses, et de son inquiétude paralysante pour son père, lui également patient critique de COVID-19. Les protocoles de l’IMMI spécialisés contre le COVID-19 présentent énormément d’avantages pour les clients infectés du COVID-19 et pour leurs co-dépendants.

L'Institut mondial des maladies incurables (IMMI), avec ses plus de 29 ans d'expérience via son fondateur Master Del Pe et son équipe internationale, montre un niveau de service exemplaire en sauvant de nombreuses vies grâce aux sciences de la guérison de l’IMMI. Ils aident aussi à la transition des patients mourants, afin que ceux-ci quittent la vie sur terre avec dignité et paix intérieure. Les services de l’IMMI comprennent bien plus que les protocoles de guérison. Ils se poursuivent au deuil des survivants, qui sont également adressé par protocoles psychoénergétiques. Ceux-ci guérissent tristesse, stress et sentiments de défaite à la suite de la perte d'un être cher.


Psycho-Spiritual Disorder

Lorsque vous avez essayé le meilleur de la médecine moderne ainsi que toutes sortes de solutions orientales et mystiques, et que vos souffrances chroniques transforment votre quotidien en enfer, vous pouvez avoir l'impression qu’il vaut mieux mourir que vivre. Telle était l’état dans lequel Master Del Pe a trouvé l'une de ses clientes en Belgique, Europe. La première session a été réalisée par télé-guérison en ligne. Grâce au soulagement immédiat de sa douleur chronique, Bérénice a décidé qu'elle continuerait avec les solutions de guérison psychoénergétiques de Master Del Pe. Plus tard Master conclura que Bérénice avait subi un syndrome psycho-spirituel rare appelé la «nuit noire de l'âme», un ensemble de symptômes que certaines icônes religieuses et mystiques comme Mère Teresa et Saint Jean de la Croix ont vécu.


Avascular Necrosis

Les patients atteints de nécrose vasculaire, venus avec des béquilles, commencent à marcher sans aucune aide après quelques minutes de bénédictions par Master Del Pe.


Loss of Voice

Un AVC qui lui avait fait perdre la voix il y a 8 ans, il a pu chanter “OM” après avoir reçu quelques minutes de guérison par Master Del Pe.




Togo was living in South Africa when we started to work with her in Sept. 2006. She suffered from HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and pneumonia. Her CD-4 Count was only 76 (ability to fight infection):

“After a month of healing and participating in our exercise regime, breathing techniques and self-healing methods, her CD-4 Count went  to 350. After 6 months of healing her CD4 count was 980. I visited her again in 2010 and she testified same as Alina, she had continued with our techniques and still 4 years later her CD4 count is normal. She is healthy, full of vitality and actively working to help others with HIV/AIDS as well."

- Alina Nhlongani, Humana People for People, South Africa


“The effect of shabu on my mind was that I got easily confused, restless and disoriented. Through the efforts of the cleanLIFE Program, I quit using shabu. When I came to stay here [at the rehabilitation center], I stopped. I didn’t even think of taking shabu or drinking alcohol. The lesson that Master Del Pe taught me was to think of the future.”

- R.K., cleanLIFE surrenderee


Cardiac Condition

"In my case he (Master Del Pe) has helped my cardiac condition considerably. After completing 12 sessions my injection fraction, oxygen saturation and exercise tolerance improved demonstrably. This was quite unexpected since these parameters had remained steady for several years. Even though this is only an anecdotal event, from my many years of medical experience, what happened to me is beyond the vagaries of coincidence."

- Sreedhar Nair, MD

Clinical Professor of Medicine, Yale University, USA

President, National Emphysema Foundation)


Cerebral Palsy

"I have congenital cerebral palsy on my right side.  As a result, I have hemiparesis on my right side.  I was guided through a meditation by EM, who is located in Boulder, CO, and RS, who is located in the Philippines, while I am located in New York City.  After the meditation, I found my neural pathways energize and what I would call “alive”.  I decided to perform a sensation test, by scratching my facial cheeks with a toothpick.  The last time I did this, my left facial cheek was very sensitive while my right cheek felt dull.  This time, I felt no difference between the sensation on my right side and the sensation on my left side—both sides felt sensitive, energized and alive. This is amazing to me and I see a direct result from what happened during the meditation.  Thank you."

- WSG New York City, N.Y


Dark Night of the Soul

"I experienced nightmares, hallucinations, fears and sleep walking since I was a child.At the age of 14, I started to cut myself with a blade all over my arms. It thought this was the only way to make myself feel something. The only word I find that can give an idea of what was going on with me is 'emptiness'. I started psychotherapy and medication. They just increased the feeling of numbness and emptiness. I tried to commit suicide a couple of times. One day my father invited me to a conference held by Master Del Pe held in Milan, Italy. Then, I realized that the connection with my soul was the thing that had been missing. I have committed myself to helping young boys and girls in the same situation I had been in."

- Melissa Avesani, Italy


Diabetes, Hypertension and Cholesterol

"I have been suffering from Type 2 Diabetes since 2002. I was on insulin from 2012 to 2016.  In addition to Diabetes, I also have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. With regular healings over a 3 month period in 2016, proper diet management and exercises, my sugar levels dropped and I was taken off insulin in 2017. I continue taking oral medicines twice daily. My dose was reduced recently. My sugar level is now borderline. I continue to meet my doctor monthly and she monitors my health with regular lab tests. The healings have improved my quality of life. I feel more energetic, positive and have greater will power to succeed in life."

- S.K., India


Diabetes and Smoking

"I was detected with a very high level of blood Sugar in Sept 2009. This was in addition to the high blood pressure I have for over 16-17 years now, which is kept under control with medicines. I also have been a smoker for more than two decades which did not help the situation of hypertension and diabetes. After 20 healing sessions (over a 5 month period) my sugar levels came down; the glycated  hemoglobin (HbA1C) count came down from 9.3 to 7.7. My blood pressure also came down from 110/70 to 125/80. I no longer need sleeping and stress release medicines on a regular basis. Most importantly, I have completely quit smoking after years of trying to do so."

- S.D. India


Hashimoto's Disease

"Just wanted to let you know that Ashiks last blood results indicates that his TSH levels are normal and he is perfectly healthy. You did a healing for his TSH levels to drop below 10 and it has. Thank you so much for being instrumental in my child having perfect health. Before Master healed him last year his TSH level was 100. After Master's healing Ashik's TSH level dropped to 16. He is no longer hypothyroid. This is truly a miracle. Thank you so much."

- R.P., South Africa


Panic Attacks

"I was terribly ill with severe panic attacks. I was admitted in the psychiatric ward several times and put on heave medication. After a few healing sessions, the swelling in my body disappeared along with the anxiety, weakness, fatigue, nausea, burning in my eyes and face, abdominal pain, and headaches. I immediately stopped the strong medications. I am very happy to report that have not experienced another panic attack ever since."


- R.P. South Africa



"After 3 healing sessions, she (Alexandra) felt the energy in her legs flowing. Her physical therapist, was very impressed, about the high amount of energy she has. He didn't have to force her to move her arms and legs. Her abdominal strength has improved a lot. Her backbone is unified at the end; before it was separated in two."


- Mar Foglia, Uruguay 


Paralysis from Stroke

Her paralysis was healed in 20 minutes. Before, she walks with her cane and very difficult to walk. Stiff shoulders, arms and legs on the right, partial paralysis. She had hard time stretching her stiff knee. Her hands can hardly fold. Very weak and very stiff shoulder because of the stroke. She has a lot of stress before. Financial problems. After only 20 minutes of healing, she can now do arm flushes and leg kicks. She does not need the cane. When she kicks she keeps the balance her kicks are strong. She can do almost a full stretch up with her right arm and do arm swings. Her arms have loosened up. She can do upper body turns. She can do deep squats. Side to side body stretch. It’s a miraculous recovery. She will throw the cane. Now she is free of pain in her shoulder.

- Testimonial of Corazon Umaging, Lepanto, Philippines


Psychic Syndrome

"In my path of meditation and spiritual development, one of my issues has been difficulty connecting with people due to my psychic faculties. I have realized that even though I have great capacity for emotional intelligence and magnetism to connect, I keep it shut off because when I connect just a little bit, my heart literally hurts and too many pains and sufferings of the world around me flood into my system. It is like being a sponge in an ocean of negative feelings. I had trouble protecting myself and my aura from being contaminated by others and the environment. Master Del Pe's shielding techniques and will-power development programs really helped me enjoy my spiritual life without suffering."

- D.G., Corporate Trainer, Texas


Sleep Terrors

"I struggled with an irrational fear that I was going to be attacked in my sleep. I was sleeping with all doors and windows locked (in my second floor apartment), spending hours with the lights on waiting for it to get light out, and periodically taking laps around the apartment to double check that no one was there. It's been three months since I had my three healing sessions with Master Del, took the BEwell Science Basic course, and had an additional three sessions with VP [WIID Specialist], and I now feel safe in my home. The nightmares have gone away and I am more present in my life. I couldn't recommend this school of healing enough." "I'm excited to share that with little exception I slept without fear for almost all of my France trip, which was very exciting."

- LJB, Colorado, USA


Spinal Injury

"I was in crutches. I just got out of hospital because of two minor strokes and an operation on the spine, I have metal implanted here (pointing to neck area). The martial arts and the exercises that Master Del Pe has introduced for 3 executive days has greatly improved my health. I was in crutches when I came. When I left I removed my crutches. Its amazing but it’s true. I do martial arts exercises with punches and kicks. Last time I could not do it. I was losing balance but now I can do it with grace. Its really amazing. I could not really raise my arms because of the pain before. But now I can straighten my arms and punch strongly. It might be unbelievable for others about what I am telling you that regards my health and progress. That’s what happened to me. In 3 days I was able to remove my crutch.

- Sir Jaime, Bontoc, Mountain Province, Philippines


Unexplained Bone Cracking

" In the spring of 2017, I was struck by an unexplained condition. All the bones in my body, from head to toe, started cracking whenever I moved them. This made no sense since I was only 24 years old with a healthy body and no deficiencies. The orthopedic specialist could not explain this sudden anomalous development. When all tests, medical consultations and internet forums failed me over 6 months, Master Del Pe's healing sessions resolved the situation in a matter of 15 sessions. No one understood what happened but Master not only healed but also explained the esoteric causes of my condition. Now I am back to my active lifestyle."

- R.A., California, USA


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