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WIID Online Certification Programs

WIID Online Certification Programs for Energy Healing Specialists & Trainers who want to revolutionize healthcare for the New Humanity

Starting January 9, 2021

3 Upcoming Certification Programs


COVID-19 and

Its Side Effects


Depression and Anxiety

Woman Sleeping

Burnout and Sleep Disorders

About the Online Certification Programs

The 4-month online certification program, founded by Master Del Pe, will equip you with a strong foundation in healing and energy anatomy, by using breakthrough tools of BEwell Science energy healing. Life coaching, profiling and mentoring strategies of esoteric psychology will also be taught to augment your technical skills. You will undertake the journey of upgrading the 5 levels of your own health as you prepare to help others do the same. Our international team of program mentors and facilitators will guide you through the advanced curriculum taught by Master Del Pe. You will also gain real-time experience by working as an apprentice or observer in the actual sessions of our team of certified specialists from different countries.

Program Flow

  1. We will begin the certification program with an online orientation with Master Del Pe.

  2. Starting January 9, 2021, weekly coursework will be available in your online student account with modularized videos, workbooks and supplementary materials to study and learn in your flexible time from the comfort of your home. (12 - 16 hours per week).

  3. You will meet weekly with all your classmates, facilitators and mentors for questions and answers, discussions and practice sessions.

  4. After finishing the foundation coursework, you will take a deep dive into more practice sessions with your mentor. (1.5 hours/weekend)

  5. With adequate practice and confidence, you will move into your chosen specialization with advanced modules.

  6. Next, you will be ready to work with real cases of your own as well as co-heal with our team of senior specialists during the practicum phase. During this period, you will only have the 1.5 hour group meeting every weekend, but no other video coursework, so that you can fully focus on completing your practicum of 100 hours.

  7. Examination and administrative clearance will soon be sought to bring you to the final step of your graduation ceremony.

  8. Detailed schedules and program guidelines will be distributed upon registration.

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How can you join the WIID Online Certification Program?

1. Attend our

free online orientation

Get a better understanding of each certification program and how to get started. Choose one:

Nov 29, 9:30 pm to 11 pm PHT

Dec 13, 9:30 pm to 11 pm PHT

Dec 27, 9:30 pm to 11 pm PHT

2. Submit your

application form

Complete the online application and submit your resume and picture.

3. Book your interview evaluation session

Once you submit your application, you will be able to book a meeting online with a WIID Certification Mentor to help you further understand your chosen specialization and guide you along your certification journey.


Opportunities After the Program

After you complete your certification, you will have the option to venture on your own or join the international team of the World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID) as an Associate Specialist, Specialist or Senior Specialist. You will be able to do:

  • energy healing and life coaching sessions under WIID's HEAL Plan packages

  • group healing for organizations, corporations or families

  • training seminars for stress and fatigue management

  • product sales for books, CDs, DVDs or life-tools which support your specialization 

Expand Your Earning Capacity

The need for out-of-the-box solutions has never been as pressing as our current situation with lockdowns and quarantines around the world. As vaccines are elusive, robotics is proliferating and many old jobs are becoming obsolete, ready individuals must lead the charge with pioneering careers and breakthrough solutions for the biggest global problems. WIID offers certification in incurable diseases and non medical responders which are increasing by the day. You can earn by working from home or your private office, with flexible hours, high per-hour income and a captive market whose urgent needs are not solved by medical science alone. WIID careers are carving the future of healthcare ahead of its time. Earn from private session plans, group sessions, group trainings, product sales and referrals while having the support of WIID’s international team of specialists behind you.

woman working at home LQ.jpg

"Incurable diseases and non-medical responders cannot be solved in a conventional way without addressing the hidden spiritual and karmic causes behind the disease in the human energy. WIID works on the 5 levels of health - physical, vitality, emotional, mental and spiritual to rescue people from crisis and prolong their quality of life."

Master Del Pe

Founder and Chief Research Scientist

World Institute for Incurable Diseases

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